Tips to Stop Puppy Chewing and Barking

Puppies are like our human babies. They are cute and cuddly, but they also have fragile minds that need to be formed. Jordan Walker, the lead content curator of Coops and Cages, shares what types of behavior in puppies should be molded.

puppy chewing

While a dog is still a puppy, it can exhibit some undesirable behavior. This includes play biting, destructive chewing, barking, and jumping on people. Some misinterpret these as normal behavior for young dogs. That is not necessarily the case though. Pet owners need to employ behavior modification techniques as early as possible, so that their puppies don’t maintain it when they grow up.

Fixing Chewing Problem

Puppies are new to the world. In order to explore, they usually use their mouths. Sadly, it is our hands and furniture that suffer the most. If you want this behavior to go away, you should first be firm with them by blatantly telling them to stop.

But you need to be careful. Never hit your dog as they could grow scared of you and learn to grow aggressive in the future. Keep saying stop and they should get it sooner or later. Sometimes, it helps to give them a chew toy directly after telling them to stop. This tells them that the behavior is okay, but only on certain types of objects.

Fixing Barking Problem

Puppy barking is often not being dealt with immediately as they have high pitched barks that are more cute than annoying. Unknown to most, there is actually a reason why puppies bark.

Puppies aren’t that exposed to the world yet and are anxious about new things. It is important that you expose them to various situations early on so that they aren’t startled much. Start with exposing them to noisy and crowded places. You can do this by walking them around the block and allowing them to come in contact with other people.

They can also bark when they aren’t satisfied with their living conditions. This can be easily remedied by placing them in their crate when they need to be alone or by sprucing up their living space. Try to keep it clean and comfortable for them, so that they don’t bark as often.

If the barking problem becomes unmanageable, some deterrents will need to be used. One is by spraying them lightly on the face with water via a spray bottle. This will stop their barking without hurting them. Another approach is by using noisemakers. This is usually accomplished by filling a tin can with some coins and rattling it near their ear whenever they bark. By doing this and emphasizing “No,” they will come to associate barking as a negative action.

Other Puppy Behavior Problems

Puppies will sometimes act out or throw canine tantrums. It can be adorable, and we sometimes acquiesce to it. However, just like with toddlers, we mustn’t give in to this behavior. Otherwise, they learn that throwing tantrums is the fastest way to get what they want. If your puppy starts to act out, learn to ignore them. Their tantrums will start to fade as soon as they realize it isn’t working.

Puppy misbehavior is a pretty common occurrence. While their play biting and barking can seem adorable, thise cuteness is only temporary. And unless dealt with accordingly, the problem will become much worse as they grow into adolescent dogs.


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