The 7 Most Common Types of Dog Aggression, Part 2

Yesterday (in Part 1), we looked at 3 of the most common types of canine aggression that dog owners normally face, including:

  • Sexual Aggression
  • Predatory Aggression
  • Pain & Illness Aggression

Today, we’ll dive into the remaining 7.

4.  Social or Dominance Aggression

This type of canine aggression arises whenever your dog feels that its position within the pack is under threat.  It’s especially common in homes with:

  • Visiting guests

No quick fixes here.  You’ll need to clearly establish authority and let your dog know where he stands.  Read this article for some useful tips.

5.  Fear Aggression

Like most animals, dogs are equipped with a flight or fight response – either of which can lead to aggression.

Worse still, fear-based aggressive behavior doesn’t always have clear warning signs.

The best solution is to reduce fear-inducing situations as much as possible.

  • Only introduce her to new environments (and people) when you know she can handle it
  • Keep loud noises and confusing stimuli to a minimum (i.e. turn down the TV, avoid loud parties, and save those firecrackers for another time)

Let her ease back into the comfort zone after a panic attack.  Don’t approach her when she’s scared.  This might only invite an attack.  Instead, coax her over and let her approach you.  Thereafter, you can calm your puppy down using soothing voices and soft cuddles.

6.  Possessive Aggression

Have you ever tried to take a prized toy away from a snarling puppy?  Not fun.

Dogs become attached to certain possessions.  As the pet parent, however, it’s your job to set boundaries and create clear rules.  All toys, treats, and even food are YOURS – not theirs.  And you share them as you see fit.

For tips on how to establish boundaries and create more authority in your canine relationships, check out this post.

7.  Territorial Aggression

Dogs are highly territorial animals.

They protect their fellow pack members (which is why they’re such awesome pets).  And they also protect their eating, watering, and mating areas – sometimes with a vengeance.

Visitors and guests usually receive the worst of this aggression type.  Be sure to set up your home so that strangers can’t arrive unannounced.

When this aggression is directed towards you, you need to assert authority in a calm, non-threatening manner.  This is YOUR area and YOUR family members.  For tips on dominance training, click here.

If necessary, you may need to muzzle your dog – especially during walks.

Are There Other Types of Canine Aggression?

Yes.  There are a ton of different aggression types.  But chances are, you won’t have to deal with those often (if ever).

For a more exhaustive list of different types of dog aggression, click here.

To learn how to train canine aggression out of your puppy, click here.

For expert training resources and guides, click here.

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