A More Enjoyable Way of Training Puppies Not to Bite?

To be fair, this is not a way of training puppies not to bite in the literal sense.  It’s not methodical.  It’s not a surefire strategy.  But it can complement many of the other techniques discussed on this site.

One way to help reduce dog biting (if not stop it altogether) is to exhaust your puppy completely.

This means giving it plenty of exercise and play time every day, through:

  • Long walks and runs
  • Learning new tricks
  • Playing fetch

How Do Exercise and Exhaustion Help Stop Puppy Dog Biting?

So why does exercise help reduce your puppy’s natural biting instinct?

Well – it doesn’t reduce it right away.  In fact, more playtime actually exposes you to more “biting” opportunities.  Puppies can get riled up very quickly – usually after only a few minutes.

But… this exercise technique borrows from the same principles that countless parents use with their own “human” kids.  By tiring out your young pup (or child), you provide them with constructive outlets for getting rid of and controlling excess energy.

Think about it this way.

Your dog has a ton of energy.  It’s almost limitless.  And that energy is going to come out one way or another – whether you like it or not.

You can have it come out via long walks, fetch, and regularly scheduled playtime.  Or you can have that energy burst forth like an uncontrollable geyser.

  • If you choose to use playtime, you can direct that energy in positive directions.  This is especially true if you keep to a regular schedule.
  • If you choose not to direct that energy, it will still come out – just not in any way that you can manage.  And quite often, your hands and ankles will ultimately pay the price.

Besides, regularly scheduled playtime – complete with exercise and training and fun – is a great way to solidify bonds with your doggy friend.  She loves you.  And if you play with her and teach her, she’ll love you even more (assuming that’s possible).

Exercise Is a Complement to and Not a Substitute for Puppy Training

Remember that exercise is not an actual training strategy in and of itself.  It’s a control valve that allows you to release excess energy and make your other training methods more successful.  And it’s also “shared” time during which you and your puppy can become closer friends.

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